Flexitanks pass rail impact tests

BeFlexi together with Rhenus Logistics have successfully passed the Rail Impact Test for the Russian Federation.

Bruno Silva, Managing Director at BeFlexi, said, “this is an important milestone in BeFlexi’s journey. It not only opens up opportunities for the exploration of the Russian export bulk liquid market, which I believe are huge, but it also paves the path for certifications in other markets.”

Raf De Schutter, Director Sales & Development at Rhenus Intermodal Systems, added, “we are very excited to partner with BeFlexi. By applying our full range of expertise and knowledge of the local market, we enable the company to generate genuine added value when developing this service in Russia and other countries of the CIS.”

BeFlexi launched the process of rail certification with extensive market analysis to determine the economic benefits of direct flexitank loadings at refineries across the Russian Federation. The Company then undertook a research and development project with flexitank manufacturers to build a product that would withstand the conditions of a safe railway voyage.

Rhenus Logistics, a global logistics service company with a turnover of €4.8 billion, came onboard the project with BeFlexi and arranged for the test to be completed in accordance with the general procedure set up by Russian Rail Commission.

BeFlexi’s global partner, SGS – a world leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company – used professionally trained local teams to prepare the container, install the flexitank and load it with water at a much higher density than what normal cargoes exported from Russia would have. The safety of the whole system was then tested under extreme conditions that could be experienced during rail transportation, including the collision of the 40’ platform with one 20’ flexitank container against other wagons at a speed of up to 15km/hour.

BeFlexiThe achievement of the rail certification marks an important step in simplifying the supply chain for bulk liquids, particularly in the Russian Federation where railroads are a dominant mode of transportation.

BeFlexi, in cooperation with Rhenus Logistics, will now start a number of trial shipments with customers.