Roadworthiness award goes to Suttons Tankers

Logistics specialist Suttons Tankers, whose head office is in the North West, has received a 2017 Roadworthiness Award from the Freight Transport Association (FTA).

The award recognises the high standards of roadworthiness displayed by its fleet of vehicles and trailers, and the company’s controlling of safety related defects.

FTA’s Senior Contract Manager Eric Higham said, “Within the measures that the FTA has, Suttons is consistently at the leading edge of roadworthiness and I’m delighted to present this prestigious award. It’s to recognise the excellent standards they have in vehicle safety in order to maintain standards of compliance and vehicle condition and I would like to congratulate everyone involved at Sutton Tankers on the efforts that are made to ensure that its fleet is safe, legal and efficient at all times.”

Michael Cundy, managing director, Suttons Tankers said, “As the UK’s largest bulk chemical logistics company, we are delighted to receive this award. We believe that we have exemplary standards of roadworthiness and vehicle maintenance which are well above industry averages, and this award backs up that view.

“We are incredibly proud of the high standards we maintain throughout our fleet our track record of providing a flexible, reliable, and safe service.

“Our team, particularly the drivers and technicians, makes an exceptional contribution to maintain our excellent safety record and this award is testament to that.”

FTA’s Roadworthiness Awards highlight its members’ efforts in keeping their fleets safe, legal and efficient. They also recognise excellent standards of vehicle safety, condition and maintenance standards in the UK, and are designed to encourage and reward high standards of compliance with vehicle condition legislation.