SBB chooses SAVVY Telematic

Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB (Swiss Federal Railways) has announced selection of SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG, for a long-term partnership planned to continuously improve SBB railroad vehicle fleet management productivity by providing and processing telematic and sensor-based data. After conducting an evaluation, Swiss Federal Railways chose SAVVY and work on the track maintenance trains, switch engines and 10 other vehicle types belonging to the SBB infrastructure in October 2017.

SBB AG needs reliable data on railroad wagon operations and positions to optimise their operations and maintenance. The invitation to tender stipulated that hardware and software with a minimum life cycle of seven years was required for its “GPS rail vehicles – HW and portal solution” project. SAVVY offered a telematics system solution based on innovative hardware and software technologies tailored to SBB’s needs and was awarded the contract in mid-August 2017.