Success for Dacro at Petrochemical Supply Chain and Logistics 2017

Rotterdam based Dacro B.V., manufacturers of container liners for transport of dry bulk goods, are optimistic for growth in the US following the annual Petrochemical Supply Chain and Logistics Conference in Houston at the end of 2017.

The conference hosts over 700 petrochemical producers looking to connect with supply chain stakeholders and logistic providers, and includes presentations from leading industry figures on the market outlook. The 2018 conference will be taking place from 15th-16th November and can be booked here.

Terence Siegers, Dacro’s international sales manager said, “We found that the conference gave us a lot of insights in the developments for the coming years regarding the US Petrochemical Industry and Logistics challenges and we had the opportunity to meet with several several key persons in the US Petrochemical industry and look forward to facilitating their container liners needs for their new plants and expansions. All in all, the conference was quite positive for Dacro to participate with a booth.”

Mr. Andres Gonzalez (right), Dacro’s America’s Account Manager, with Mr. Bart Daelemans, Senior Project Manager at Alfred Talke Logistic Services.