Global expansion for Bertschi Group

The Bertschi Group have reflected upon an eventful 2017 with a positive outlook ahead. Major investments into the future development of the company will be made with a significant part dedicated to the digitalisation of the transport chain. Bertschi state they will also expand its logistics capacities, building a new plastics-hub in Antwerp and a tank cleaning facility in Singapore, further expands the container fleet and increases office capacity at the headquarters in Dürrenäsch.

Global activities drive Bertschi Group growth

In 2012 the company launched a globalisation strategy, based on a strong market position in Europe. As a result, more than one third of Group sales is now taking place outside Europe, being responsible also for a large part of the achieved Group growth in 2017. The European business units – supported by the positive economic business cycle – were as well increasing their turnover. Together with an acquisition in Belgium, Bertschi Group achieved in 2017 more than 20% turnover growth to around 900 million Swiss francs. Group results were on a good level, exceeding budgets.

Rastatt – equally a crisis and opportunity

That 2017, despite the good achieved results, was also very challenging gets obvious when looking at the closure of the Rhine Valley railway. After a failed tunnel excavation under the existing line, the tracks suffered deformation and blocked this main route for European freight transportation during almost two months. For Bertschi – around 25% of the European turnover are generated on this line – the execution of rail transports on the North-South axis got an enormous challenge under these circumstances. Thanks to the extraordinary effort of all employees, Bertschi was able to overcome this difficult situation relatively well. The company was able to turn the crisis caused by the biggest traffic interruption in its history into an opportunity and proofed to be a flexible and reliable partner for its customers.

Positive outlook for 2018 – Digitalisation as a major focus