New App for Tank Operators from RAM

RAM Intermodal Software launches new Tank Connect mobile app for tank operators

RAM Intermodal Software, a leading solutions provider to intermodal tank operators, container leasing organisations and intermodal equipment traders, has launched the ground-breaking Tank Connect mobile app to boost the bottom line of businesses that use its market leading Monitor4000 tank operating software.

Developed in response to customer demand for increased digitisation, the user-friendly and secure app is available on iOS and Android platforms or as a web app on Evergreen browsers such as Edge, Chrome, and Safari. Tank Connect enables subcontractors to review key information while on the move, making real time updates possible and enhancing customer service.

“Customers have been universally impresse d with the usability and features that Tank Connect has to offer,” said Ian Rawlins, RAM’s General Manager.

Driven by customers

RAM Intermodal’s customers were struggling to get quick, reliable data on loads and discharges back into the system. Faced with this challenge, RAM’s team of software developers has optimised the app to provide a simple, clear interface that allows truck drivers and other supply chain professionals to easily view and maintain data without being overwhelmed by unnecessary information. RAM carried out customer prototype workshops to ensure that the look and feel was exactly aligned with customer expectations.

Tank Connect enables users to search for an open order using the order number or unit key, review product information, including the load/discharge location and reference, and to review and update the date, time, weight and temperature using a clear and practical interface. Trusted users can update data directly, which means that real time updates are sent to Monitor4000 when the device is online, boosting operational efficiency. “Users have been impressed so far with the configurability of the app,” added Rawlins.

Boosting the bottom line

As an app developed after extensive consultation with a wide range of industry clients, Tank Connect harnesses this knowledge and experience to provide a unique and market-leading solution. It makes updating data more reliable, quicker and less of a time-intensive, manual process. For example, job section dates can pass through the system to update other sections, which will allow an operations team to allocate work more effectively. “This increase in efficiency for suppliers should lead to quicker decision making and faster invoicing, boosting the bottom line of RAM Intermodal’s customers” said Richard Shaw, Sales Director at RAM.

Tested and secure

At every stage, the team has put new features through automated end-to-end tests and quality assurance testing on all platforms. This forensic attention to detail has also been applied to security. User access is managed through the main system inside customer firewalls. The app is password or PIN code protected and uses a token-based authentication system that means no user credentials are stored on the device itself. All external updates can be monitored through the RAM communication centre, an important recent enhancement to the Monitor4000 system.

“The Tank Connect interface communicates over an encrypted secure connection, which minimises malicious attempts to decipher data traffic,” added Shaw.

Adaptable and ready to expand

Tank Connect has been built to be flexible. For example, it can easily be altered to reflect a customer’s brand, which means colours, images and even logos can easily be changed. The app connects to a secure web application program interface, which means that it can easily be scaled up as a tank operator’s business expands with no loss of functionality or performance.

A preview release will be made available for customers. After launch, development will continue, with additional functionality being added regularly and the look and feel enhanced in response to customer feedback.

In the last few years, mobile apps have been transforming how we shop, eat and live, and it is now time for them to transform intermodal logistics. With the Tank Connect mobile app, RAM is helping its customers to drive this process, supporting business growth via digitalisation, improving customer satisfaction and creating operational excellence.

The RAM Intermodal team is attending Asia’s leading trade fair in the logistics industry, Transport Logistic, in Shanghai from May 16 to 18 on stand 380 in Hall N2, where the team will be showcasing Tank Connect.

Tank Connect Quick Facts

Flexible – the app works on iOS, Android and as a web app and can easily be rebranded

User-friendly – the interface has been built to be simple to access and easy to update on the move

Real time – updates can feed back into the system, allowing immediate improvements in efficiency

SecureTank Connect is password protected and communicates over an encrypted connection

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