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New Returnable IBC for Liquid Handling

Schoeller Allibert introduces its new 44” x 48” foldable intermediate bulk container for liquid handling.

Schoeller Allibert, a leader in the design, developing and manufacturing returnable transit packaging for more than 50 years, has just introduced the Combo Fructus® series, a completely new concept on the IBC market for liquid handling.

The company states that it is safe, stronger and more durable. Its double wall structure enables a 3,300 Lb. unit load and a stacking load of 17,400 Lb. (4 on 1). One of the main improvements is the easy to clean design from base to lid. No dirt or water traps, bugs and needle contamination proof.

Combo Fructus offers improved handling and labor savings. It can be easily erected and folded by one operator, strong three skids base and anti-slip plugs reinforce safety.

Combo Fructus® range includes three heights to meet the needs of various applications:
• CF 280 for refrigerated sea freight
• CF 300 for sea freight
• CF 315 for road and rail transportation

The folding ratio is up to 73%, seven folded Combos piled in a standard truck for reduced logistics costs and lower environmental gas emission. At the end of its long service life, the Combo Fructus can be fully recycled and raw material reused.

“With our rich history of designing and developing containers for over 40 years, we listened to the market and believe we have taken care of the concerns regarding plastic returnable containers,” said Bob Albright, Vice President Sales & Marketing, Schoeller Allibert  — USA. “We simplified, strengthened and streamlined the container to respond to the rigorous demands. We are very enthusiastic to introduce this container as the market has been anticipating an answer to many of the questions for quite a while.”

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