700th DAF FTP Truck for Turners

Cambridgeshire-based haulage firm Turners (Soham)has taken delivery of its 700th specialised DAF XF 450 FTP truck to meet the requirements of the fast growing East of England-based business specialising in temperature control, tanker operations, storage, warehousing and container distribution. The tractor unit from the Cambridgeshire and Suffolk based DAF family-owned dealership, Chassis Cab, has been added to the 1750-strong fleet which makes Turners the largest privately-owned logistics company in the UK and the largest operator of this model worldwide.

The DAF FTP – sporting its own personal plate T700 FTP – was purchased outright from Chassis Cab. It features a PACCAR MX-11 Euro 6 emissions-compliant engine, luxury SpaceCab, ZF TraXon gearbox and Drivers Performance Assist to help the driver to operate the truck to the best fuel economy. The truck, voted International Truck of the Year 2018, will cover over 100,000km per year. A variety of other DAF models have also been purchased by Turners ranging from FTG XFs for use up to 44 tonnes gross combination weight; down to FA LF Models for up to 18 tonnes gross weight and fitted with fuel tanker bodies.

[pullquote]probably the best lightweight truck ever[/pullquote]

Tim King, Group Fleet Engineer of Turners (Soham), said: ‘Turners is a name now synonymous with transport and logistics. Our nationwide operations cover the movement of containers, chilled and refrigerated product distribution and tankers carrying liquids and bulk materials. We cover all product sectors including food, building materials and fuels and we are highly committed to evolving the quality services we offer.’

‘Our continuous investment in DAF trucks shows our allegiance to the brand and our commitment to keep our fleet in premium condition. The DAF FTP is a top-performer; probably the best lightweight truck ever. It is the optimal truck for weight sensitive work and we are proud to be one of the top buyers worldwide.’