Employees showcase Scully Signal Company

Scully Signal Company has released a new corporate profile video which highlights the company’s capabilities. It includes interviews with the CEO, Eric Kirleis, and other members of management—as well as an explanation of the entire engineering, manufacturing, and test processes told by the employees working in those departments.

“Most people in the industry know that we were the originators of innovative oil delivery, static ground verification and overfill prevention systems,” says Katrina Scully Ohl, Executive V.P. “What many do not realize is that we engineer, manufacture, test, and service our products in one integrated facility. There are not many companies that still retain all these processes under one roof. This video offers a glimpse of our extensive capabilities and our dedicated team of professionals.”

The film includes an overview of Scully’s 82 year history, an explanation of the patented Dynacheck® self-checking circuitry, and extensive footage of the manufacturing and test process at the Wilmington, MA, USA factory.