Dry Bulk Investment for Den Hartogh

At the start of July, Den Hartogh took delivery of 500 new 30ft dry bulk containers in the Rotterdam Port. In co-operation between CIMC in China, BG Freight Rotterdam and Den Hartogh Dry Bulk Logistics all 500 containers were transported on BG Freight Line’s new ship “BG Sapphire”, in one single shipment on its maiden voyage from China to Rotterdam.

This is the second batch of a total of 1000 new specialised dry bulk containers that came into the Den Hartogh dry bulk container fleet since 2017. The dry bulk containers are produced to the latest design and technology by CIMC in China and will be used by Den Hartogh Dry Bulk Logistics for their European “Bag in Box” business.

Koert van Wissen, BU Director of Dry Bulk at Den Hartogh Dry Bulk Logistics, commented: “We are very proud by adding these new containers to our fleet and provide the required capacity and best possible service to our customers in the Polymer and Food producing industry”.

Together with the other investments made in trailers and specialised dry bulk logistics assets in Europe and Asia, the latest delivery reflects Den Hartogh’s ambition for growth in the intermodal dry bulk logistics industry.

For more information about the Den Hartogh dry bulk services, please contact your local representative at Den Hartogh Logistics or send your question to Koert van Wissen.