Sustainable Expansion of Fleet Nijhof-Wassink

Nijhof-Wassink continues to invest in sustainable transport. On average, their fleet is no more than four years old and has been 100% Euro-6 for some time. The drivers of Nijhof-Wassink are aware of their influence on CO2 emissions and, thanks to training and advice given by their own BBS coaches, their ambition is to reduce CO2 emissions even further. In addition to road transport, Nijhof-Wassink also transports bulk goods by water and rail.

To achieve its aim of lower CO2 emissions, Nijhof-Wassink has become one of the first transport companies to acquire the new Volvo LNG truck (Liquefied Natural Gas). The two new LNG trucks will be on the road for the Dry Bulk Logistics department with the intention to further expand the LNG fleet in the short term.

The LNG trucks are heavy trucks which have the same performances, loading capacity, driving characteristics and comparable fuel consumption to Volvo’s diesel models. The Volvo FH LNG immediately offers a 20% smaller CO2 footprint compared to diesel engines. And the option to drive on bio-LNG represents a potential reduction of up to 100%. This truck offers the option to switch to renewable fuels in the long-term.