Bolloré Logistics launches a new offer based on the internet of things and intelligent data processing

Bolloré Logistics announces the launch of a new offer at the Transport Logistic exhibition in Munich (4-7 June 2019): Real Time Monitoring.

Based on the Internet of Things and intelligent data processing, this new offer delivers real-time monitoring of end-to-end shipments. It is also equipped with a proactive alert management system to ensure the integrity of the goods being transported.

Real Time Monitoring has been designed to meet the needs of the market. which is becoming more complex in view of the number of stakeholders involved, while shippers ore demanding more and more information on stock levels and the state of their critical or sensitive products.

Thanks to an on-board sensor, all data such as location, temperature, hygrometry, brightness and possible shocks ore collected all along the supply chain. Centralized on a digital platform accessible 24/7, they are analysed in real time by dedicated teams who will alert customers of any deviation but also prevent and correct them through dedicated continuity plans.

Real Time Monitoring offers an integrated service and customizable solutions depending on the nature of the products. It is adapted to all transport modes whatever the industry sector, country of origin or destination. It also includes real-time transport plans for greater efficiency and better monitoring of operations.