VTG adds flexitanks to its portfolio

VTG Tanktainer GmbH is adding Flexitanks to its range of facilities for carrying liquid goods. Fitting Flexitanks into standard box containers enables non-hazardous bulk goods – including oils, wines, fruit juices, biofuels and industrial chemicals not classified as hazardous substances – to be shipped anywhere in the world. Flexitanks are therefore a useful complement to traditional methods of transporting liquids in small containers such as drums and IBCs.


VTG Tanktainer deploys Flexitanks that are made in Germany and have capacities of between 12,000 and 24,000 litres. The tanks are fitted into 20′ box containers in accordance with precise specifications: The whole purpose of Flexitanks is, after all, to utilize every centimetre of available container space. Compared to drums and IBCs, they allow as much as 30 percent more payload to be shipped in a 20′ box container.

VTG Tanktainer’s Flexitank team operates around the globe and provides customers with an end-to-end package: from procurement to the fitting of the Flexitank, plus loading, transportation handling and unloading, up to and including Flexitank recycling. “We are pleased to have an experienced Flexitank team on board and that we can now move liquid goods in both tank containers and Flexitanks,” says Jan Röbken, Managing Director VTG Tanktainer GmbH. “For us, it is important to never stop developing and improving – and to always be able to offer our customers the best possible transportation solution.”