DS Smith Plastics launches online shop of their AkyPak® bulk containers

European leading packaging strategist DS Smith Plastics is launching an online site for European customers interested in the unbeatable combination of ‘tough and lightweight’ offered by their AkyPak Returnable Bulk Containers.

DS Smith containers

The new online shop allows customers to configure bulk containers based on their requirements, request a quote and soon, buy them online.

The site offers visitors a product matrix that includes the type of container, descriptions, dimensions and corresponding return logistics ratio. The site was designed to assist customers in finding the right packaging solution for their business regardless of industry or markets.

“Trust and transparency are so important in our business. Customers are literally entrusting us to keep their products safe from harm and it is something we take very seriously,” stated Louis Patruno, Marketing Director, DS Smith Plastics, Extruded Products. “Our new online shop is reflective of our commitment to supporting our customers with the best possible service. The targeted platform means we can continue to help companies be more agile and manage their own business more effectively.”

It’s no wonder that AkyPak containers are used in numerous industries. They are lightweight, easy to handle, resistant to chemicals, have a printable surface, and are reusable for up to 7-10 years.

The website will continue to evolve in the coming weeks as more functionalities are added. The next wave of expansion will include the ability to purchase up to 50 units of in-stock containers, allowing companies to be more agile than ever before. As their orders come in, or an opportunity presents itself, customers will know that the AkyPak containers are just a click away to help them make the most of their business.

Crucially, this flexibility and responsiveness will allow customers to control their own cashflow and storage facilities by buying goods as and when they need them rather than tying up cashflow and storage space with hundreds or thousands of containers.