Abbey Logistics opens non-food grade wash bay

Abbey Logistics, the UK’s largest food grade road tanker company, will be opening a non-food grade wash bay at its tank cleaning facility in Liverpool in February. Abbey’s cleaning station provides tank cleaning services to both its own, and other haulier’s tanker trailers.

Abbey has operated its own wash bay facilities in Liverpool and Hull for more than 20 years, with its busy tank wash in Liverpool, previously being exclusively food grade.

The company says that due to significant demand for more non-food tank cleaning capacity in the region, it has converted one of its bays to wash non-food grade products exclusively and can provide cost effective cleaning to both accompanied and unaccompanied tanks, taking advantage of Abbey’s years of tank cleaning experience, to ensure maximum quality and compliance.

Completely separated from food grade wash bays, the new non-food wash bay will provide tank wash services to any haulier for non-food grade, non-hazardous products.

The new bay is isolated from the food grade washes and operates on a separate cleaning network to ensure no cross contamination. Wash bay operatives will also work exclusively on food or non-food and will not be able to access any other bays, further enhancing wash integrity.

All wash equipment such as lances and hoses will also operate exclusively in their own area.

This latest development comes after Abbey recently announced extended opening hours at its Liverpool facility.