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Founded as the dream of Giuseppe Altobelli, Eceplast celebrates its 25th anniversary.

Eceplast family

(L-r) Alessandro Altobelli, Vito Altobelli, Nicola Altobelli and Giuseppe Altobelli

Eceplast is a world class manufacturer of linerbags for containers and other industrial packaging materials for bulk goods. Established in Italy in 1995, the company mainly serves the chemical and automotive industries.

Even during the start-up phase, when the commitment to sustainability didn’t have a name, Eceplast’s efforts and actions were already in line with the passion and vision for a better and more sustainable society.

Today the company, an active player in the circular economy, keeps the same perspective continuing its journey by optimising each phase of the production process, selecting and adopting the best available raw materials and continuing to be driven by efficiency, durability and recyclability of its products, considering their whole life-cycle.

In Eceplast’s vision, quality and sustainability are inextricably linked to deliver higher efficiency in an optimised supply chain, resulting in lower total costs.

The company’s strength lies in the values of the people who have been integral to Eceplast’s success. With more than 100 employees and 17,000 square meters of production plant, the Eceplast family has grown considerably in its 25 years.

Only renewable energy is used to produce hundreds of packaging models and the responsibility of the company’s logistics partners is the core of the whole supply chain, delivering to over 40 countries worldwide.

Not simply a supplier but a solutions’ provider, Eceplast provides sustainable packaging for a better world.

Eceplast view

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