CBA Responsible Care Award unveiled

The Chemical Business Association (CBA) has announced the winners of its Responsible Care Awards.

These annual Awards recognise excellence by CBA member companies in relation to the operation of its Responsible Care programme, an industry-wide initiative promoting year-on-year improvements in health, safety, security and environmental management and on member companies’ interaction with their local communities.

This year’s award was won by Agility Logistics Limited. Agility is a worldwide group with sales of 5.2 million US dollars and 26,000 employees in 110 countries. In the UK, Agility offers multimodal logistics services backed by comprehensive warehousing facilities.

The company’s winning entry demonstrated its unswerving commitment to Responsible Care, its emphasis on communicating with employees, establishing a Staff Forum, a staff survey and feedback, and its engagement with the work/life balance and its mental health initiative.

Community Interaction Award

CBA’s Community Interaction Award acknowledges a major contribution to community interaction by a member company, one of its employees, or a group of employees. The winner of this year’s Community Interaction Award was 2M Holdings.

The company won its Award because of its championship of STEM initiatives to promote an interest in careers in science-based industries among school children, students, parents, and universities. The company created a STEM Centre at its head office and, in 2019, created ten graduate jobs in group companies as well as IT apprenticeships. It also led a number of imaginative educational initiatives and participated in a number of careers events.

This year, the judges also awarded a Highly Commended Certificate to Agility Logistics Limited for its commitment to STEM initiatives and its support for community charities.