ITCO publishes guidelines for ‘Safe Entry into a Tank Container’

ITCO has published its latest Technical Guidelines document – Safe Entry into a Tank Container.

This document provides guidance for ITCO member companies engaging in activities that require personnel to enter the interior of a tank for purposes such as inspection and maintenance. Tank entry presents inherent risks which require to be managed by implementing a safe entry process.

Where possible, process changes should be introduced to permit tasks to be carried out without entering the tank – for example, by viewing the interior from the man-way or by the use of CCTV. However, when personnel are required to enter a tank, appropriate safety procedures should be in place to minimise the risk. These are provided in these new ITCO Guidelines.

These Guidelines (TG05) complement a number of other Safety Guidelines published by ITCO. In May, TG04 Guidance for working on top of a Tank Container was published and is also available on the ITCO website.