Telematics make for SAVVY shipments

Chemical supplier AnQore adopts SAVVY® Telematic Systems solution.

While most truck fleets are already equipped with telematic technology, this has continued to be the exception for rail and ship transports. For this reason, industrial companies often do not know where and in what condition their goods are at a given point in time. AnQore BV, a Dutch manufacturer of specialised chemical products and headquartered in Urmond, wanted to change this situation.

AnQore is one of the first companies in the sector to adopt an integrated telematics system for all of its several hundred tank containers and tank wagons. By adopting the Savvy Telematic Systems solution, AnQore has optimized both fleet efficiency and shipment safety.

As well as the importance when delivering products, good information about equipment location and expected arrival time is needed when shipments are returning to the AnQore plant. “Our customers have a few days’ buffer to unload the tank containers and wagons and ship them back”, explains Peter Kehrens, logistics purchasing & implementation manager at AnQore. “In the past we were only able to roughly estimate when the containers would arrive at our plant…shipments can (now) be monitored in real-time and processes can be coordinated with customers and logistics partners more efficiently.”

User-friendly cloud platform

The chemical specialist supplier has installed an ATEX and IECEx certified SAVVY CargoTracExR telematic device in each of its tank containers and tank wagons. In addition to sensors for location purposes and to measure a range of variables, they contain a long-lasting battery and a module for data communication. The latter sends encrypted data via the mobile network to the SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise platform. The corresponding plan data for each new order are transmitted automatically from the SAP-System to the SAVVY Synergy Portal. Using their account, employees log into SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise. There, they can check the status of all transports in real-time and can have them displayed on a map overview to see where shipments are located.

Alarm notifications highlight if there is something wrong with the shipment such as delays and stops along the route. The roll-out to all sales and customer service representatives was completed by AnQore in March 2020.