PBLA Virtual Network conference

The Premier Buk Liquids Alliance (PBLA) held its first Virtual Network conference over a four-day period from Oct. 19th-22nd.

Proud to have welcomed PBLA members and sponsors representing 36 countries, organisers of the event said the response from the global membership was overwhelming.

Enabling new and existing members to connect and continue ongoing dialogue, strengthening their global presence, PBLA members and sponsors had the chance to attend over 500 individual pre-booked meetings with each other.

In addition to these meetings, attendees had the privilege of viewing four live presentations, watched across 16 time zones followed by Q&A. These were as follows:

  • A Bulk Liquid Logistics Marine Cargo Insurance solution for PBLA members by NACORA
  • Automating Freight & Supply Chain with Stanford AI & RPA by EXPEDOCK
  • The Container for an Efficient and Safe Flexitank Transport by AELER Technologies
  • Flexitanks & Sustainability by Henri Van der Sluis, lecturer at STC Rotterdam who operates the first B2B Global Digital Platform exclusively serving the Bulk Container Packaging Industry, were also present with suppliers in a virtual booth throughout the event.

In order to truly reflect the atmosphere of a live physical event, online social networking sessions were organised daily for members and sponsors for a more informal gathering.

PBLA president, Jason Wright, said: “We really did our utmost to encourage and keep alive the team spirit kindled in the Amsterdam event last year, and make sure all the new members that have joined since, felt welcomed into the PBLA family.”

He added: “We have been absolutely delighted with the feedback of the event. Every single participant came away feeling it had been well worth their while and that they had quality meetings with other bulk liquid logistics partners in a very user-friendly platform. The whole PBLA team has come away very satisfied with the response received.”

The PBLA has come a long way since it started two years ago with the aim of uniting local heroes in the bulk liquid logistics industry empowering them to become bigger and better players in the international market in a fast growing sector like the flexitank industry. By supporting each other under the PBLA umbrella, members can approach larger corporate accounts and participate in global tenders whilst offering expert bulk liquid logistics solutions. The union of these in-house experts around the world is what gives this unique Alliance its strength and service offering.

Due to the success of this event, PBLA is planning to host another virtual event in the second quarter of 2021.

In the interim, PBLA plans to host regular workshops centred around global marketing, global procurement of services and products, sustainability and recycling processes to better serve the global shipping community.