FM Conway doubles Port of Tilbury bulk operation

The Port of Tilbury and FM Conway have announced that they have extended their agreement for a further five years to load aggregate for FM Conway’s Theale facility.

FM Conway is the largest independent supplier of asphalt in the south east and driven by innovation and customer service, the new agreement will also see the doubling of rail freight using its rail service provider Freightliner to Theale with two trains leaving Tilbury each week from January.

The trains will leave the Thames based port each week taking over 3000 tonnes of aggregate by rail to Theale to be used on the UK’s highway network and other construction projects.

1000’s of tonnes of material is arriving by vessel into the port each month from Norway and then distributed by road and rail across the south east to keep at pace with demand.

Commenting on the increased service and agreement, Mark Faraway, senior commercial manager from The Port of Tilbury said: “This is great news to start the year. Our bulks business at The Port of Tilbury is thriving as we have the key ingredients to ensure an efficient and greener supply chain for our customers. We have a good relationship with the team at FM Conway and we are pleased that we can continue this for the next five years.”

Tim Metcalf, FM Conway A&A business development director commented: “Working together with the Port of Tilbury and other supply chain partners such as Stema-Mibau and Freightliner allows us to significantly reduce carbon emissions and road traffic in the south east. We look forward to our continued successful working relationship with the Port of Tilbury.”