The Ecobulk MX 560 joins the Schütz product range

In the company’s mission to meet requirements in the supply chain and fulfil customer expectations, Schütz has added the new Ecobulk MX 560 to its extensive product range.

This new IBC has a lower height than standard models and a nominal volume of 560 litres or 150 gallons, making it ideal for applications where smaller containers are an advantage, but where maximum performance and the highest quality are also decisive.

The new container also offers a significant advantage when shipping by sea: the pallet size makes optimum use of the storage and transport space in standardised large-capacity containers, even for mixed loads with larger MX IBC variants. With triple stacking throughout, 30 IBCs of this model will fit in a 20′ ISO container. The four horizontal tubes of the steel grid provide the necessary stability and ensure secure stacking. The large metal label plate, which covers eight fields of the steel grid, provides plenty of space for detailed product information.

With its reduced capacity and optimum footprint, the new Schütz IBC offers lower capital tie-up and shorter storage times for products with a slow turnover. This also reduces the risk of the product deteriorating due to ageing. If required, the IBC can also be equipped with an EVOH permeation barrier. As an additional layer in the IBC inner bottle, the EVOH ensures product quality, safeguards the filling product against changes and the environment against potential contamination by stopping oxygen, nitrogen and other gases from permeating in and out of the container.

Multiple options for a wide field of applications

With further optional features, this compact IBC can be used for a wide range of other applications, for example in the Foodcert version. The corresponding system certification according to the industrial standard FSSC 22000 guarantees conformity with the rigorous requirements for materials, processes and products in the food industry. For highly sensitive non-food filling goods, where safety and technical cleanliness are essential, Schütz also produces the Ecobulk MX 560 in the Cleancert version.

The Ecobulk MX 560 is also part of the Schütz Ticket Service in which used IBC are being collected and processed. To order the administration-free collection of used and empty IBCs, including subsequent environmentally friendly reconditioning, users simply scan the QR code on the IBC label to open the online form. Thus, even the smallest IBC from Schütz contributes to the company’s philosophy of maximum sustainability.