Dinges Logistics selects new TOS for Grünstadt container terminal

This year, Dinges Logistics selected Inform’s intermodal Terminal Operating System (TOS) to replace their existing system at their Grünstadt container terminal.

Inform is the market leader in AI and optimisation software to facilitate improved decision making. Based in Aachen, Germany, the company has been in the optimisation business for 50 years and serves a wide span of logistics industries including ports, maritime, and intermodal terminals with both add-on optimisation modules as well as TOS solutions.

“When we set out to replace our existing system, we wanted to select a proven software vendor in the intermodal TOS market who will allow us to not only improve our transparency but also our efficiency,” commented Ingo Dinges, owner of Dinges Logistics.

“As part of our selection process, we were able to see the impact of Inform’s Intermodal TOS in live operations; Inform’s solution was the clear leader after seeing the solution in place and speaking with the operations team at that terminal.”

“When we engaged with Inform throughout the selection process, we always had a clear vision that they were looking at the long-term impact of their solution on our terminal and they were understanding our needs very well; it was clear that it would be a partnership with Inform, that we weren’t simply buying a piece of software,” added Timo Mayer, site manager and project leader at Dinges Logistics.

“We had a strong focus on covering all aspects of our service offering with a single software solution to improve transparency while also reducing service times and we see digitalisation as a key element in achieving these outcomes.”

The TOS replacement project is now under deployment and is slated to go-live in Q4 2021 and will build on Inform’s existing footprint of intermodal terminal operators running their proven intermodal TOS including KTL and Samskip in Germany.

“Our intermodal TOS was developed over many years leveraging our knowledge of the container and intermodal industries combined with our optimisation expertise,” commented Dr. Eva Savelsberg, SVP of Inform’s logistics division.

“The TOS benefits from many of the add-on algorithms that the container terminal is probably used to hearing in conjunction with the name Inform which truly makes it one of the most powerful intermodal TOS options on the market.”

Dr. Savelsberg continued, “Dinges Logistics’ Grünstadt Terminal is our smallest intermodal TOS deployment to date and it reflects the work that the team has done to make the solution scalable and nimble allowing any sized terminal to benefit from digitalisation and optimisation.”

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