Abbey Logistics’ strategic partnership and acquisition

Abbey Logistics has formed a new partnership with Cisternas Amarillo S.L (Amarillo) and has announced the acquisition of South West based liquid tanker specialist Welch Hire, which includes the company’s customer base and tank hire business.

Amarillo is a large bulk powder road tanker company based in Seville, Spain and part of the full-service logistics company, Pantoja Grupo Logistico.

The partnership is designed to provide continuous movement of customers’ products between the UK and Spain and provide customers with a faster more reliable and cost-effective transport solution through a well-managed joined-up approach that optimises the reach of the two businesses.

The transaction between Welch Hire extends Abbey’s network coverage with the addition of 48 bulk liquid road tankers and 13 tractor units. The deal also gives Abbey an operating site in the South West of England and a larger customer footprint in Europe, which Abbey says will open further commercial opportunities for the business.

Speaking about the acquisition of Welch Hire, Steve Granite, Abbey Logistics CEO, said: “This acquisition is a natural step for us as we further enhance our market-leading position in bulk liquid food and boost the support we provide to customers in the UK and Europe.

“Through strategic acquisitions like this, we are unlocking opportunities in new geographies and accelerating the growth we have seen in the business in the last two years.

“We are fully committed to supporting our liquid food grade customers and this acquisition is a demonstration of that commitment, and our willingness to invest significantly to ensure we deliver an outstanding service in terms of dependability, flexibility and scale.

“Through this deal we are acquiring some great people and a strong tanker fleet, and we are looking forward to welcoming the Welch Hire team into our business.”

Nick Wheller and Melissa Davies of Welch Hire said: “The decision to join Abbey Logistics was a natural one as our two companies are perfectly aligned in our approach to a customer service focused operation.

“I know my team will make a valuable contribution to the future growth of Abbey Logistics and together we will create an unbeatable service for our bulk liquid food customers through our dedication to our customers and an unrivalled knowledge of this specialist market.”

In addition, Abbey and Amarillo’s partnership combines extensive knowledge and experience in bulk food road tanker transport and maximises their collective fleet capabilities to provide a reliable flow of feedstock ingredients between the two countries.

Utilising multimodal transport links, the tanks are reloaded for the return journeys, minimising empty miles and fully utilising both company’s vehicles and drivers to ensure products move on a continuous basis.

Paul Laverick, head of Abbey’s powder division said: “This new partnership further demonstrates Abbey’s unique ability to support road tanker companies in Europe thanks to our scale and network capability in the UK.

Amarillo is highly regarded for its skills and experience in bulk dry food grade products and we are delighted to begin working together as we maximise the vast experience our combined businesses have for the benefit of our customers.”

Lars Stendahl, Amarillo’s operations director said: “Abbey Logistics is well known to us and their reputation for customer service and flexibility together with their specialist knowledge of the products we carry, made them a natural fit for our operations and customers.

“We look forward to expanding our work together and building on the partnership we have formed.”