StocExpo report uncovers shifting priorities after Covid-19

StocExpo, the leading event for the bulk liquid storage industry, has released an updated Trends Report ahead of its return to Rotterdam, Netherlands on 8th-10th March 2022.

The 2020 report, which surveyed the opinions of hundreds of industry leaders to get their views on what the next year had in store for the sector, was published in March 2020, days before the world went into lockdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The updated report, which will be released in five parts, provides an in-depth look at the landscape changes in the oil and gas market, the accelerating adoption of automation, and how the importance of digitalisation is skyrocketing in a post-Covid-19 world.

Rikki Bhachu, StocExpo’s head of marketing, says: “In 2020 we surveyed a vast number of high-profile industry contacts to get a view on how the year was anticipated to shape up.

“Understandably, things changed drastically immediately after the report was published and many of the predictions within it are still yet to happen, have come to fruition much faster than anticipated, or have completely fallen by the wayside. So, we have brought together some of the sharpest minds in the industry to give us their updated views on the industry trends identified in the original report, post-Covid-19.

“This update gives a clear indication of how the industry is coping with the pandemic and will hopefully provide the sector with useful and actionable insights that could help with post-Covid-19 business recovery.”

The update includes news and views from oil and gas experts Charles Daly, chairman of Channoil Consulting, Nadine Herrwerth, commercial director of TWTG, and E&V Houston.

Also included are automation transformation specialists Manuel Arroyo, director of oil and gas industry programs at Emerson Automation Solutions, Rhys Davies, general manager at Ex-Online, QGE Australia, and Terra Inspectioneering.

Speaking on digitalisation are Joe Nassif, president of Noon Advisory Group, Sam Reid, CEO of Dearman Systems, Thomas Fahland, head of product management at Implico, and CEA Systems.

The updated StocExpo Trends Report is available here as a five-part download now.

During the lead up to the March 2022 event, StocExpo will launch a series of regular content initiatives, putting the focus on the key issues that the industry currently faces and its solutions.