Puma extends Hoyer bitumen contract

Hoyer has seen its UK bitumen logistics contract with Puma extended for a further five years.

The Hamburg-based logistics group is one of the leading providers of transport for liquid bitumen in Britain. The product, which is loaded at around 170degC, needs special equipment that keeps the temperature stable during the entire transport.

Garry Brennan, UK bitumen contracts manager for Hoyer, said: “Hoyer places great value on a very high standard of safety, and invests correspondingly in further education and training. Our drivers receive comprehensive initial training which focuses on all aspects of loading and delivering bitumen and includes extensive theory training regarding product knowledge and emergency response behaviours. This intensive training is refreshed every year with a full day of practical training and assessments. The quality and quantity of our compact safety programmes considerably exceed statutory requirements on the British market.”

The training package also includes regular sessions for defensive and fuel-efficient driving, and safe manoeuvring techniques, which help drivers not only to shape their own behaviour behind the wheel more safely, but also to achieve early recognition of potential risks due to other road users. Logistics operations are also reviewed and readjusted following unannounced checks by Hoyer’s driver trainers and managers.