Brenntag expands distribution agreement with NXTLEVVEL

Brenntag, the chemicals and ingredients distributor, has formed a distribution agreement with NXTLEVVEL Biochem to expand its growing Household, Industrial, & Institution (HI&I) portfolio in providing sustainable biobased solvents in North America.

Brenntag NXTLEVVEL Biochem distribution agreement

This current agreement covers a new product line including the products below and consists of levulinates and levulinate ketals. These products are all biobased solvents offering high performance and improved safety and sustainability: NXT SOLV 100, NXT SOLV 200, NXT SOLV 300, NXT SOLV 400.
Jeffrey M. Carey, Ph.D. vice president HI&I Americas, said: “We are excited to have the opportunity to bring a new innovative solution to our customers from NXTLEVVEL. Having a sustainable alternative solvent will allow our customers to better meet the increasing consumer demands for sustainable cleaning products.”

“These biobased products can reduce dependence on fossil fuels and play a role in reducing carbon emissions. They are used in applications such as hard surface cleaners, floor cleaners, and laundry detergents.

“I’m very excited that NXTLEVVEL and Brenntag are embarking on a relationship to promote our range of biobased solvents in the HI&I industry by leveraging the strength of our technology along with Brenntag’s market-leading position,” said Aris de Rijke, CEO of NXTLEVVEL Biochem.
“NXTLEVVEL’s technology is highly innovative, proprietary and, for the first time, allows the production of levulinate derivatives at industrial scale. The cornerstone is the patented biomass-derived levulinic acid
2technology and its esters enabling the affordable production of biobased solvents and other biobased chemicals,” de Rijke notes.