Radical flow rate for new Fort Vale IBC Relief valve

The new Fort Vale 2” BSP low profile IBC Relief valve has been developed to radically improve flow rates and sealing performance and in the process sets a new benchmark for comparable models on the market.

Fort Vale 2” BSP low profile IBC Relief valve

The valve is perfectly suited to IBC applications where flow rates and sealing performance are key to the performance of the equipment – especially when used on low pressure, static vessels. The low profile feature increases the flexibility of the valve when space is a limiting factor and gives high flow rates with regards to pressure, while the vacuum relief offers increased vessel protection.

The potential for damaging leaks is reduced by using conical and guided seating – this significantly improves valve re-seating after relieving pressure – and CFD optimised flow rates allows balanced flow areas within the geometry of the valve (reducing the potential for leaks), which maximises both pressure and vacuum flow rates.

Rainwater ingress reduced

A hexagonal shaped body allows for use of standard tooling to fit the valve to the pressure vessel, while a push button feature for vacuum function allows for manual venting and the integral spring design allows for greater flow rates.

An Internal labyrinth feature and angled vent ports reduces rainwater ingress and potential contamination of the valve and Fortyt ‘O’ rings give excellent corrosion resistance against many chemicals.
An addition to the Twinact pressure vacuum relief valve range, the development of this valve was initially driven by enquiries from customers in the Roadtanker and IBC sectors.

Global Sales and Marketing Director, Graham Blanchard said: ‘With our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility we have total control over all processes from research and development, design, investment casting, pressing, forging, plasma and laser cutting, to assembly, testing and certification. This enables us to respond quickly to bespoke requests from interested clients. Fort Vale believes in constant innovation – we listen to what our customers want and anticipate future trends, so our products are always evolving to benefit our clients, and the IBC community as a whole’.