ITCO chief highlights benefits of tank containers

In his Christmas message to members, ITCO president Reg Lee said tank containers came to the rescue of many companies’ supply chains during the year.

ITCO warns of fake invoices

Lee stated that the safety and reliability of tank containers have once again been proven as the Covid-19 pandemic continued to disrupt the global economy.

“The tank container has proved the saviour of many companies’ liquid supply chains, when their long-standing supply chains let them down during this pandemic,” Lee said.

“For once, price has not been the issue – service and reliability have counted the most. And the tank container has proved that it can deliver that service; however, we need to be paid to enable us to maintain it.”

He added that many of ITCO’s members have seen a change in their fortunes in the past six months, now being able to charge “the right price for their services without having to quote for every piece of business on a ‘bid and offer basis’.

Increase in new tanks being built

“There needs to be more long-term agreement for shipments between shippers and tank container operating companies to allow stability,” Lee continued.

In the meantime tank container manufacturers have also seen a big increase in the number of new tanks being built and this looks to continue into the New Year – and beyond.

“Going forward into 2022, the signs for our industry look good, and members need to ensure they continue to give a premium service, and value for money, to their customers for the long term,” Lee stated.

“I am delighted to see our industry doing well – despite the current pandemic – and trust that, when the world returns to normal (whatever that might be), there will be a better understanding of the service tank containers offer their bulk liquid customers.”