HMK Bilcon & TouchStar Technologies announce strategic cooperation

A recent meeting between Peter Jensby, CEO of HMK Bilcon and Mark Hardy, CEO of TouchStar plc. has led to both organisations committing to a strategic partnership.  HMK Bilcon has a large market share in Scandinavia and TouchStar has similar in the UK Ireland and beyond.

HMK Bilcon & TouchStar Technologies announce strategic cooperation

HMK Bilcon, based in Aalborg, Denmark is as solutions provider to the downstream fuel logistics market in Europe manufacturing fuel tankers and SafeCon® fuel delivery control systems.

HMK Bilcon’sSafeCon® III is the next generation of IT control systems for fuel tankers with a modern touch screen with all the latest features. New and smarter features are constantly being developed for SafeCon® III and 24-hour support is now available. Besides managing valves, pump and other components, SafeCon® III also controls the meter system to provide easier and fast loading and delivery with an improved ability to see compartment status along with many other new features.

TouchStar Technologies, based in Manchester, UK, has been providing ePOD systems to the Fuel logistics Industry for over 35 years.  Today this accounts for approximately 70% of fuel delivery trucks on the road in the UK & Ireland.  The flagship mobile application is FuelStar, which can be integrated with back office, finance and planning systems.  FuelStar is often deployed on the in-house manufactured, ATEX-rated Android tablet, the TS3200.

Both organisations come from two different disciplines, but high levels of integration between TouchStar’s OBTC devices and ePOD Application FuelStar, with HMK Bilcon’s SafeCon® III control system mean both Peter and Mark have identified a great opportunity for collaboration within a number of geographical target markets.