Dinges Logistics continues dynamic expansion

Dinges Logistics has been able to record a strong development since its foundation in 2000.

Dinges Logistics welcomes Super Gloria reachstacker

In recent months, especially, the growth strategy has been pushed even further, with extensions of the fleet, an additional site, and the expansion of the IT infrastructure setting the course for a promising future.

At the end of last year, Dinges Logistics took over an additional site in Grünstadt, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany, which is now officially in use following conversion and renovation work and represents the third site in total. Now the company has a total of 1,600 sqm of office space, 38,000 sqm of logistics space, an additional 9,000 sqm of outdoor storage space and 3,700 sqm of workshop space.

The new site offers numerous advantages. For example, the enlarged logistics area provides additional storage for the fleet, which is particularly advantageous in view of the expansions that the company has been able to realise and is also targeting for the future. Dinges currently has a total of some 120 tractor units, 130 tank container chassis, 220 chemical tanks, and more than 1,000 tank containers.

Since the start of 2022, Dinges has been operating a new Kalmar reachstacker. With a tare weight of approximately 105 tons, the model is the heaviest machine of the fleet and already the company’s second Kalmar reachstacker.

Super Gloria

Dubbed ‘Super Gloria’ the container handler has a Volvo Stage EU5 engine with ZF transmission. The lifting arm has a length of 13.2m and a wheelbase of 8.25m, making it one of the largest reachstackers available on the market.

By using Super Gloria, containers can be placed both lengthwise and crosswise with 1,000mm negative lift into the existing hazardous goods tubs. Furthermore, the machine enables a potential 5-high stacking of the tank containers and even in the fourth container row it still has a load capacity of 32 tons.

Investments are also being made by the company regarding digitalisation. Systems that enable more transparent and efficient processes are being gradually introduced across the company. Internal processes are being centralised and optimised. The increase in capacity and efficiency allows the management to be optimistic about the future.

“It’s a great feeling to realise that hard work pays off and that we are on the right track,” said Michael Klopp, chief operating officer.