First Rijeka–Czech Republic direct cargo rail service established   

The first regular train connection between Rijeka, Croatia, through Adriatic Gate Container Terminal (AGCT), and Paskov in the Czech Republic has been established by ČD Cargo Adria. 

The first regular Rijeka–Czech Republic direct cargo rail service has been established by ČD Cargo Adria.

Launched in May, the Maersk rail service runs up to two times per week. The rail service is operated by ČD Cargo Adria, a subsidiary of Czech freight operator ČD Cargo, the largest railway transport provider in Czech Republic and one of the major rail operators on the Trans-European Network corridor including Slovakia, Germany, Austria, Poland and now expanding in Croatia.  

Significant manufacturing hub  

“The Czech market is one of the most important markets in Europe with a significant manufacturing hub and consumer market. Currently, there are multiple regular weekly block trains between Rijeka, Serbia, Bosnia and Hungary with extensions for Slovakia.  

“We appreciate that Maersk has launched this initiative adding direct rail services to Czechia. This also confirms the growing significance of AGCT as a gateway for Central Europe and Southeast Europe,” said Emmanuel Papagiannakis, AGCT chief executive officer.