H.Essers opens brand-new pharma crossdock in Genk

In response to the rising demand for pharmaceutical logistics and the complexity and strict requirements associated with the sector, H.Essers is investing heavily in the further development of its pharma valley in Genk during this period.

H Essers Pharma Valley crossdock

“The opening of a pharma-specific crossdock is already a major step in the further expansion of the range of sustainable total solutions for the pharma sector. All that at a crucial logistics hotspot within Europe,” says CEO Gert Bervoets.

Pharma Valley

The opening of the state-of-the-art transshipment dock marks a new phase in the strategic development of Genk’s Pharma Valley as a central hub for the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical goods in Europe. CEO Gert Bervoets: “By not only doubling the size of the crossdock for road transport to 14,500 square metres, but also by adding the possibility for the crossdock to serve other modes of transport such as air, rail and ocean, we are meeting industry demands. With the crossdock, we are helping to put our weight behind solutions that are flexible, future-proof and sustainable. “

Specialized cross-docking & value added services

Although the crossdock officially opens today, a long preparation process preceded its launch. “We considered the severe requirements of the pharma industry and the specific needs of our customers to ensure a smooth transition. We translated these needs into a state-of-the-art crossdock with temperature-controlled consolidation and numerous value added services. “Preparing passive packaging for air transport, container stuffing for sea transport, picking & packing. As a logistics provider, we have long been committed to these specialised and often complex services, which meet the most stringent conditions of the pharma industry. This is how we offer our customers a one-stop shop and take matters off their hands where possible.”

Freight consolidation and multimodal connectivity

“With the opening of the crossdock, we are taking a new and important step in expanding the sustainable course we have been sailing for some time now, with full force towards synchromodality. After all, the pharmaceutical hub links various transport modes and does so in a crucial place within Europe. Genk is an excellent gateway within Western Europe. From here, we have direct access to the European pharmaceutical network, to our own train terminal and we are conveniently located in relation to the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam and the main airports of the Euregio.

The construction of our own Port of Limburg container terminal, on the former Ford site, will eventually ensure a sustainable connection between the port of Antwerp and the European hinterland via the Albert Canal. Plenty of assets aimed at a stronger anchoring and increased sustainability of European pharmaceutical logistics.