New eBill of lading simplifies North American freight rail shipping   

Railinc’s TransmetriQ unit has added another capability to its Rail Management System (RMS) with eBills of Lading (eBOL). 

TransmetriQ continues build-out of Rail Management System.

“Shippers can now eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual translation of their shipment tendering information into rail-specific terminology,” says Danny Dever, product manager, TransmetriQ.  

“The system is designed to both speed Bill of Lading creation and, most importantly, eliminate reworks after eBOLs are submitted.” 

Automatic conversion 

TransmetriQ’s eBOL automatically converts key shipping data into language and formats necessary to initiate rail shipments including: 

•Shipping and receiving location information;  
•Automatic party lookup; 
•Automatic commodity lookup, including hazmat and non-hazmat designations; and 
•Optimal shipment routing. 

TransmetriQ has implemented eBOL with seven Class I railroads to date and will add this capability for any current RMS user—shipping via any North American railroad—on request.  

Accurate interline data 

Mika Majapuro, Railinc vice president of product management and strategy, said: “[The team has] added significant value to TransmetriQ’s RMS, which was launched early this year.  

“The system is powered by the industry’s largest single-source of near real-time, accurate interline data for the north American railroad system and, as a result, helps ensure users can submit bills of lading quickly and with fewer errors.”