Contecon Manzanillo begins Phase 3 port expansion 

Contecon Manzanillo (CMSA), International Container Terminal Services, Inc.’s (ICTSI) subsidiary in Mexico, recently commenced its third phase expansion project, increasing its capacity from 1.4 million to more than two million TEUs within the next five years. 

Contecon Manzanillo has embarked on phase 3 of its port expansion work.

CMSA chief executive officer, José Antonio Contreras, led the project inauguration together with Colima governor Indira Vizcaíno Silva, commander Rubén Alfonso Suárez of the 10th Naval Region, admiral José Rafael Ojeda of the Marine Ministry and ASIPONA Manzanillo general director Salvador Gómez Meillón.  

The third expansion phase will enable the Port of Manzanillo – a key port on the Pacific Coast of Mexico – to expand its operational capacity and cater to the country’s current and future foreign trade requirements.

Consolidate and strengthen the port’s position 

“Manzanillo is the most important node of international logistics in the Pacific Coast of Mexico, and it will continue to be so. We are convinced that this expansion, as well as the construction of land access to the northern zone of the terminal and the acquisition of new inspection equipment for customs, will consolidate and strengthen the port’s position among competitors,” said Mr. Contreras. 

“This port is designed to meet present and future needs, as well as handle 400-meter ships. If the port wins, we all win – from our clients to the families of our employees,” he added. 

The ambitious investment plan for 2022 to 2025 would cost more than USD230 million, mainly used to upgrade shipping and terminal infrastructure, storage yards and equipment. The capacity increase to two million TEUs will position Contecon as the largest terminal on Mexico’s Pacific coast. 

Preserving the wellbeing of Colima’s population 

“We agree to the objective of expanding the port to make it more efficient and preserve the wellbeing of Colima’s population in general,” said governor Silva.  

“This expansion will serve the growing demand that persists in the Port of Manzanillo, which will undoubtedly reflect better employment opportunities and living conditions for the people of Manzanillo and the people of Colima. The Government of Colima is ready and willing to help the development and economic activity of businesses that yearn, like us, for the population’s wellbeing.” 

She added: “It’s clear that Contecon is a company that is sensitive to these issues since they recently supported the education system in our state through the delivery of excellent scholarships to elementary school students in Manzanillo and other resources for the educational system in general with the proceeds from their recent race.  

“If things go well for Colima, we all win.  To achieve this objective, it’s necessary that we maintain two-way communication with distinguished organizations such as Contecon.”  

Creating more than 600 new direct jobs 

CMSA’s expansion will create more than 600 new direct jobs, in addition to the existing 1,200, along with 11,600 indirect jobs, making the company one of the most committed employers in Colima. This boost in growth and the goal of consolidating the Port of Manzanillo’s position as the most important and competitive in the country prompted CMSA to start the third phase of the new port expansion project and serve the country’s foreign trade needs in the coming years. 

The company has invested around USD122 million in port equipment since starting operations, contributing more than USD238 million in port considerations to Mexico’s port infrastructure and generating employment for more than 1,200 people. With these actions, CMSA reaffirms its commitment to developing the State of Colima and its people and the Port of Manzanillo’s position as a strategic point for Mexico’s supply chain.