Early detection of explosions and fires

With the GSME and Hotspot detectors from Rembe, an artificial intelligence has been created that detects fire and explosion events at an early stage.

Rembe GSME early detection of explosions and fires

The GSME detector is an ‘artificial nose’, ‘trained’ for pyrolysis – popularly known as smouldering gases, while the Hotspot detector represents an artificial eye that already detects surface temperature changes of 1degC.

Rembe’s Hotspot X20 measures surface temperatures using an intelligent evaluation system, which divides the field of view into detection zones. A separate temperature threshold value can be set for each individual zone in order to tailor the detection to the process as far as possible. The Hotspot X20 can even identify small temperature increases (1degC) and enables to warn the operator of a fire or glowing embers at extremely early stages. The Hotspot X20 can also be used in explosion atmosphere up to zone 20 and under high dust loads and monitors a temperature range in the standard version of 0-200degC (higher temperatures possible, but typically not required).

Mainly hydrocarbon compounds are released when many substances thermally decompose. If there is incomplete burning without a flame and a low oxygen supply, carbon monoxide is created as well.

The GSME X20 pyrolysis gas detector, for instance, has been designed for detecting these gases, even as they develop. Alongside carbon monoxide and hydrocarbon compounds, nitrogen oxide and hydrogen compounds (CO, HC, H2 and NOx) are also monitored.

With the aid of an intelligent evaluation algorithm, a process behaviour can be ideally mapped and normal off-gassing be adopted. If a concentration increases above the usual level, the GSME X20 immediately triggers an alarm. The detector, is also suitable for explosion atmospheres up to zone 20, monitors concentration ranges from 0-100ppm.

When the location and mounting position are ideally designed in an explosion protection concept, Hotspot X20 and GSME X20 allow explosions and fires to be prevented through early detection.

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