New 6-layer extrusion blow moulding line for SCHÜTZ  

SCHÜTZ Container Systems is investing in state-of-the-art equipment and infrastructure at its sites, with the most recent example being its new 6-layer extrusion blow moulding line at St. Joseph (Missouri) site. 

SCHÜTZ Container Systems has invested in a new 6-layer extrusion blow moulding line at St. Joseph (Missouri) site.

The new equipment allows the production of IBC inner bottles for a wide range of applications and, at the same time, further increases supply security in North America. 

The demand for environmentally-friendly packaging solutions is steadily increasing in the United States. SCHÜTZ Container Systems meets this rise in demand with a tight manufacturing network consisting of twelve production sites.  

St. Joseph (Missouri) site is now being expanded with an additional 6-layer extrusion blow moulding line. By continuously modernising and expanding our equipment, the company is significantly increasing the flexibility of our packaging production.  

Sensitive application areas 

The new line produces inner bottles for a wide range of IBC models. For example, multi-layer extrusion of up to six layers allows EVOH permeation barriers to be integrated with the inner bottles. The new line also produces inner bottles with the appropriate specifications for containers used in sensitive application areas, such as in EX zones or the food industry. 

In addition, SCHÜTZ is expanding the portfolio of locally produced containers to include the ECOBULK MX 560 l / MX 150 gal. With its compact design, this IBC model offers an optimal filling volume. The ECOBULK MX 560 l / MX 150 gal is built on the same base assembly as the larger MX types but has a lower container height.  

Thanks to its reduced capacity, less capital is tied up with the MX 560 l / MX 150 gal, and it offers shorter downtimes for products with a lower turnover. This is a particular advantage in industries where small containers are needed for highly concentrated products, such as pesticides.  

When emptying by pump via the discharge fitting, the optional SCHÜTZ Check Valve further protects the product from contamination. In addition, the MX 560 l / MX 150 gal also offers persuasive benefits for other applications thanks to its wide range of equipment options, from FOODCERT/CLEANCERT to an EVOH permeation barrier and EX protection.