Schütz UK expands Worksop site

Schütz UK’s production site in Worksop is continuing to expand.

Green Layer PE drums and Green Layer IBCs can now be produced at Schuetz UK in Worksop

Following on the heels of the opening of a new logistics centre and the commissioning of a new assembly line, Schütz UK is now increasing its machinery performance and flexibility with an additional multi-layer extrusion blow-moulder for the production of IBC inner bottles.

The new equipment also enables Schütz UK to expand its portfolio of eco-friendly packaging products with a high content of recycled material: Green Layer PE drums and Green Layer IBCs can now be produced in Worksop.

The multi-layer extrusion blow-moulder was built in compliance with the latest technological standards at Schütz’s global competence centre in Selters. It enables the packaging giant to increase the level of automation for maximum process reliability and at the same time raise quality control to a new level.

Specialists from Germany installed the extrusion blow-moulder and commissioned it in collaboration with local colleagues. The line is designed for maximum productivity and enables even greater supply security thanks to the additional production capacity.

High recycled content

Thanks to this investment, Schütz UK will be in a position to offer customers in the region the full portfolio of packaging products made with recyclate.

The entire green layer line of plastic drums and IBCs can now be manufactured locally in Worksop. The containers in this product line help customers to reduce their CO2 footprint.

To achieve this, 30 percent high-quality, natural-coloured plastic recyclate is incorporated into the middle layer of the drum bodies and IBC liners produced on the blow-moulding equipment. The advantage of using high-purity HDPE is that the filling product is completely protected without compromising quality.

With its high recycled content, the Green Layer series also helps users to mitigate the UK Plastic Packaging Tax which was introduced on 1 April 2022.

To enable Schütz to ensure the broadest and most cost-effective supply of ecological packaging possible, it is important that customers and packaging users play an active role. Only if users return emptied packaging to the Schütz system will there be sufficient quantities available for plastic recovery to be able to supply customers with new Green Layer packaging.