Antwerp-Bruges, Amsterdam join forces with Routescanner

Port of Antwerp-Bruges and Port of Amsterdam are offering Routescanner’s ‘Direct Connections’ on their websites.

Antwerp Bruges Routescanner

The service shows all available connections from the ports. Routescanner is the route planner for container shipping and shows not only the fastest container routes, but also the most sustainable.

Since its launch in 2021, Routescanner has grown rapidly on both the supply and demand sides. “Port of Antwerp-Bruges has decided to join Routescanner to reinforce the evolution towards one trusted central repository for accurate, up to date commercial sailing and driving schedules,” said Erwin Verstraelen, chief digital & innovation officer. Besides these two ports, Port of Rotterdam, DeltaPort Niederrhein, DuisPort, JadeWeserPort and Port of Sohar also use Routescanner on their websites to give shippers and freight forwarders insight into the most efficient and sustainable routes.

Every day, Routescanner processes more than 700,000 commercial sailing and driving schedules from deepsea, barge, rail and shortsea operators, and its network includes more than 4,500 terminals worldwide. Routescanner now has more than 175 affiliated partners.

Shippers and freight forwarders can easily find container shipping options on the platform. Maurice Delattre, area manager Port of Amsterdam, said: “We are delighted to join Routescanner, as it is a great platform that offers customers full transparency on available intermodal connections (shortsea, barge, rail) to and from the port of Amsterdam, including CO2 emissions on the respective routes.”

Chantal Gouka, managing director of Routescanner, added: “We are extremely proud that Antwerp-Bruges and Amsterdam launched our Direct Connections service. As initiator of Routescanner, I believe that working together to provide global insight into container transport routes contributes to the transparency, sustainability and efficiency of the logistics sector.”