IMGS Group overcomes challenges in East Africa

The IMGS Group has successfully tackled logistical challenges in a recent wheat distribution project in East Africa.

IMGS Group successfully navigates challenges in East Africa wheat distribution project.

Racing against time, the team needed to discharge a large amount of bulk wheat cargo from a fleet of silo trucks, bag it at an IMGS Terminal, and distribute it throughout the region.

Despite a scarcity of bulk cargo trucks, the IMGS team partnered with a local firm to use bulk tank silo trucks, ensuring the swift discharge of the waiting vessel and avoiding costly demurrage.

Overcoming obstacles

The team then faced another obstacle: unloading the cargo using a mobile bagging machine. Drawing on their expertise and resourcefulness, they deployed a Portable Ship Unloading machine from their fleet, capable of handling over 100 tons per hour.

IMGS Group’s innovative solutions allowed them to get back on track with their operations, demonstrating their ability to overcome any challenge during such projects.