Odyssey Sells Linden Bulk to Boasso Global

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation, a multimodal logistics solutions, has announced the sale of its bulk tank truck transport subsidiary, Linden Bulk Transportation LLC, to Boasso Global.

Odyssey Logistics & Technology Corporation has sold its subsidiary, Linden Bulk Transportation LLC, to Boasso Global, allowing Odyssey to concentrate on expanding its neutral-to-transport solutions and multimodal logistics services across industries.

The transaction supports Odyssey’s focus on providing neutral-to-transport solutions and expanding its multimodal service offerings across industries.

“Boasso Global is an excellent home for Linden’s employees and customers,” said Glenn Riggs, chief strategy officer at Odyssey Logistics & Technology.

“Moving forward, Odyssey will continue to focus on growing our adaptive multimodal logistics offerings on a global scale through customer-centric relationships, an expansive multimodal freight network and specialised modern technology.”