X-treme composite

As a specialist in fibre-reinforced composites, Lamilux Composites has launched what it calls a revolutionary tank cladding material. The new material, developed and manufactured in Germany, is about five times stronger and 30 percent lighter than other tank cladding materials.

Lamilux composites tank cladding

Lamilux X-treme is a fibre-reinforced composite material with the maximum possible content of reinforcement fibres in a highly elastic epoxy resin matrix. The outstanding toughness saves operators time and money by reducing maintenance and repair costs and also container downtime.

Tank containers of all kinds are subjected to very high mechanical loads during loading and transport, whether they are used as containers on a cargo ship or as tank containers on trains or on a truck. This is where Lamilux X-treme comes in: it provides safe and energy-efficient transport of tank containers.

Even under the harshest conditions on road and sea, the material remains visually appealing and maximises the durability of the entire structure. The operator also saves on running costs for his fleet, as the tank container has a significantly lower deadweight than one with a conventional exterior shell.

The advantages claimed for Lamilux X-treme include: reduced maintenance and repair costs; maximum durability and less downtime; high-quality appearance even under the toughest conditions; and reduced operating costs due to weight reduction.

The company says the customer’s brand is the most import business value. It’s not just time and money to fix damaged containers, it is also annoying. Mostly, containers are repaired via patches, or they are partially replaced with new cladding. This results in containers looking like patchworks and not nearly so representative of the company as when they were new. Lamilux X-treme protects the containers from being damaged, so they do not have to be repaired most of the time, the company claims. It means that tanks can retain their new look much longer and better represent the customer’s brand.

Lamilux fibre-reinforced composites are produced in a continuous, automated production process. The separate production lines ensure minimum delivery times while providing consistent quality, which can be reproduced at any time. The X-treme product range can be made in widths of up to 3m, and the length of sheets or rolls can be changed to meet the customer’s needs.

From 9-12 May, Lamilux will be at participating in the ITCO Tank Container Village a transport logistic in Munich.