ITCO warning of fake invoices

The International Trade and Compliance Organization (ITCO) has issued a cautionary statement regarding the emergence of fraudulent invoices targeting its members.

ITCO warns of fake invoices

The organisation has become aware of deceptive invoices falsely claiming to be ITCO membership fees, posing a significant risk to unsuspecting recipients.

Kate, the secretary of ITCO, has emphasized the importance of carefully scrutinizing all received emails. Any communication originating from an email address other than those officially associated with ITCO, such as or, should be treated with utmost caution.

Furthermore, members are urged not to pay to unfamiliar bank accounts, as ITCO has maintained the same account for over a decade.

Urging members to be vigilant

The fraudulent emails exhibit several red flags that indicate their illegitimacy. They are sent from false or fabricated email addresses and include the names of individuals not associated with ITCO, such as Kate or Patrick Hicks. The invoices also contain outdated office addresses that have not been used for the past ten years. Moreover, the emails falsely assert that the recipient’s company has been placed on a nonexistent “blacklist.”

Cybercrime, particularly email scams aimed at fraudulently obtaining funds, has been a growing concern recently. It appears that the perpetrators behind this scam have exploited contact information in the ITCO membership directory to execute their fraudulent activities.

ITCO members are strongly advised to exercise caution and only open emails originating from Kate or Patrick. Members are encouraged to contact the designated individuals directly to verify the authenticity of any information or invoice. Kate can be reached at +44 (0)7515 149033, while Patrick’s contact number is +44 (0)7770 636613.

The organisation assures its members that they are actively working to address the issue and requests cooperation in reporting any suspicious activity or concerns. By remaining vigilant and taking necessary precautions, ITCO members can protect themselves against potential fraudulent schemes.