Kube & Kubenz ramps up storage capacity for tank containers in Germany

Producers and traders in the Rhineland chemical region have had more storage capacity available for filled tank containers since this spring.

The liquid bulk logistics company Kube & Kubenz, which operates throughout Europe, recently expanded the storage area of its branch in Bergheim to cater to this business.

Safety infrastructure at the location east of Cologne, which has existed since 2015, was also upgraded to this end.
As part of the investment, the company created 120 new storage spaces for filled tank containers of hazardous material in categories 3, 8 and 9.

Twenty-five Kube & Kubenz employees organise multimodal transport and storage services for resilient supply chains in the chemical industry at this conveniently located site.

Designed to meet the most stringent safety standards and located near a federal motorway, the site serves as a transshipment hub.
It serves industry in one of the largest chemical regions in the European Single Market from all over the world. Existing storage capacity for unclassified goods will be available to its customers in Bergheim as usual. The site’s portfolio also includes 250 storage spaces for empty tank containers and 40 tractor units.

“Expanding this location makes us even more attractive to our customers in the chemicals industry because our secure tank containers, monitored 24/7, shorten and make logistics chains more efficient. At the same time, these investments are ensuring jobs at this location in the long term,” said Olaf Fügemann, manager of Kube & Kubenz‘s branch in Bergheim.

“Together with our storage space in the city of Worms, our first storage location for tank containers, we are now even better equipped to meet the needs of our clients from the chemical industry. The expansion and modernization of our Bergheim branch will allow us to perfectly meet the requirements of hazardous materials logistics while at the same time reaching our own growth targets in the coming years,” added Konstantin Kubenz, managing partner of Kube & Kubenz.