Peacock reaches 20,000th milestone

Peacock, a global leader in ISO tank leasing, has reached the significant milestone of a fleet size of 20,000 ISO tanks.

The 20,000th tank, built by Tankwell, is a composite tank container that is 40% lighter and 40% better insulated than traditional steel tanks, according to the company.

This new tank improves Peacock’s ability to provide its customers with efficient and sustainable transportation solutions for bulk liquids and gases. Peacock has been investing in these tanks since 2017, which it said was an example of its dedication to reducing the carbon footprint of bulk liquid transportation.

“We are thrilled to add this new tank to our fleet, as it represents a significant step forward in our commitment to sustainability,” said Jesse Vermeijden, CEO of Peacock. “We are constantly seeking innovative solutions to improve our fleet and provide our customers with the most efficient and sustainable transportation options.”