Targray addresses demand for renewable fuel with new biodiesel terminal

Targray has announced an expansion of its vast North American supply and distribution network today with the opening of a new biodiesel terminal in the state of Washington.

Located in Mead, an unincorporated suburb of Spokane, the new site is well-positioned to supply high-quality biodiesel fuel and alleviate supply concerns for retailers, distributors, refineries and fleet operators across the state which has mandated a biodiesel blending requirement since 2006.

The Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) is a state-regulated legislation in Washington which requires fuel suppliers to gradually reduce the carbon intensity of transportation fuels to 20% below 2017 levels by 2034, as part of a plan to cut statewide greenhouse gas emissions by 4.3 million metric tons a year by 2038.

The market-based policy approach in Washington encourages fuel suppliers to improve efficiencies in their fuel production processes and provides incentives for producing or blending low-carbon fuels.
Credits are generated for clean fuels containing a carbon intensity below the standard, which can be kept or sold to high-carbon fuel producers who need to meet their carbon-intensity reduction targets.

Representatives from the international supplier of renewable fuels and feedstock will attend the 2023 Washington Energy & Convenience Store Convention, hosted by the Washington Independent Energy Distributors from June 19-21, to participate in discussions around decarbonisation, shed light on the CFS and state cap-and-trade programme and provide market participants with solutions to reach their compliance and sustainability goals.