DAF vehicles to reduce emissions by running on cleaner fuels

The new generation of DAF trucks are ready to operate on 100% HVO.

In addition to the introduction of a complete series of fully electric trucks and the development of hydrogen technology, DAF is getting its combustion engines ready for new types of fuel to further reduce CO₂ emissions.
HVO – hydrotreated vegetable oil – is a biofuel of the latest generation that enables a reduction in CO₂ emissions of up to 90% and can perfectly be used in all new generation DAF trucks.
All of the newest generation of DAF trucks are ready to use 100% HVO, including the popular LF series for distribution transport, the versatile XD distribution and specific applications and the top-of-the-range XF, XG and XG+ for heavy and long-distance transport. 
“DAF is at the forefront of our society’s ambition to reduce CO₂ emissions,” said Patrick Dean, chief engineer at DAF Trucks and member of the board of management.
“In 2018, we were the first to launch a fully electric truck and last year we presented a completely new generation of electric trucks with ‘zero-emission’ ranges of up to 500 kilometres.
“We are also getting ready for the new generations of fuels. HVO is enabling us to make a giant leap in the reduction of CO emissions, already today, with the current trucks on the market and more importantly ‘well-to-wheel’.
“When it comes to CO₂ certification of trucks, it would be a huge step forward if European legislation would value the contribution of clean fuels to reduce CO₂ emissions, as we cannot afford to leave opportunities unused to achieve sustainable road transport. This should expand focus on the total chain – from energy source up to what’s coming out of the exhaust – instead of focusing on ‘tank-to-wheel’ only.”