ITCO publishes “best practice guideline for overseas transport visibility for bulk liquids”

ITCO has published a new guidance document focusing on the topic of shipment tracking and automated milestone messaging.
The guideline has been developed and produced with the assistance and support of the European Chemical Transport Association.
The goal of this guideline is to define a standard definition framework with transport milestone events and ETx updates within a chemical multimodal door-to-door product movement.
Once such milestone events are predefined and agreed amongst each of the supply chain actors, and a standard offering is achieved, the challenging and time-consuming discussions which arise from creating tailor-made milestone information frameworks for each customer – or for each individual trade lane – may be avoided. 
The aim is to create an “ITCO Standard” for supply chain milestones occurring from start to finish of an overseas shipment, which can be offered to every customer as the market norm. Such a framework is an important precursor before companies start deploying individual telematics and truck/equipment tracking solutions and it forms the basis towards transport visibility, interoperability and real-time information exchange across all logistics actors in the chemical supply chain. 
To download the document go to ITCO TRANSPORT VISIBILITY