KAG Canada places $1m order to retrofit HD trucks

Innovative Fuel Systems Limited (IFS), an Edmonton-based privately-owned cleantech company that provides innovative products that generate fuel savings and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in heavy-duty (HD) trucks, has announced an initial $1 million (€910k) purchase order from KAG Canada (KAG) for IFS’ patent-pending retrofit technology.

This initial order will commence the first stage of KAG’s deployment of IFS’ MFTP™ technology on existing HD trucks in Alberta and Ontario.

By using IFS’ MFTP™ technology to displace diesel fuel with cleaner burning natural gas, KAG can reduce GHG emissions and fuel costs in their commercial HD truck operations.

“We’re expanding the use of IFS’ MFTP™ technology within our Canadian fleet because it provides GHG emissions reductions and fuel savings and has proven to be very reliable in our 2 years of commercial operations,” said Chris Chapman, vice president, fleet services, KAG Canada.

“We’ll continue to further roll out the IFS technology as driven by our customers’ needs to reduce GHG emissions from our trucking operations.”

“Our best-in-class MFTP™ retrofit technology is the only available methodology that can economically reduce GHG emissions for existing HD diesel trucks. With several years of commercial deployments, our MFTP™ technology has proven to add value by reducing GHG emissions and fuel costs,” said Leland Oberst, president and CEO of IFS.

“We are delighted that KAG has chosen our MFTP™ technology as part of their HD truck GHG emissions reduction strategy.”