Women in Transport Equity Index survey officially launched

The Women in Transport Equity Index survey was introduced at the Women in Transport Annual General Meeting on 26 June.

The initiative will provide crucial baseline data, recognise best practice and aims to drive positive change towards greater diversity and equity.

The Index seeks to identify and address the real gender diversity in transport-related positions, fostering an environment where all individuals have equal access to opportunities and resources, according to Women in Transport.

The Women in Transport Equity Index survey consists of ten mandatory and ten optional questions, designed to ensure efficiency while capturing essential data.

Optional questions include intersectional aspects, further enhancing the understanding of workforce dynamics within the sector.

Participants who complete the index questions will gain free access to a light version of the information hub, which offers invaluable resources and templates for fostering diversity and inclusion within their organisations.

Upon completing the full survey, participants will receive an overall score across the ten equity standards, individual scores and a comprehensive 25-page report featuring benchmarking data.

Top-performing companies will be featured in the comprehensive report (with their permission), with the top five companies in each sector index (at their discretion) receiving a certificate of success recognition and a marketing badge dated to signify their commitment to diversity and equity.

By publishing the Index annually, awarding badges and providing access to the Knowledge Hub, the initiative aims to create an environment where equity becomes the norm — an outcome of embracing diversity and taking decisive actions.

“We are thrilled to announce the official launch of the Women in Transport Equity Index survey,” said Sonya Byers, CEO of Women in Transport.

She added, “This initiative represents a paradigm shift in the industry, providing a comprehensive framework to measure and drive progress towards greater diversity and equity. We invite all UK transport sector companies to register and participate in this transformative journey.”

Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Women in Transport, Ruth Cadbury MP, highlighted: “This is a significant point in the quest for a more diverse and equitable transport workforce. The APPG for Women in Transport is proud to support Women in Transport’s Equity Index Initiative. By fostering inclusivity and highlighting best practices, we hope to inspire other sectors to follow our lead, creating a ripple effect of positive change across industries.”

The initiative has the support of industry leaders, including the Merchant Navy Training Board, Bicycle Association, Kier, and Mobility Lab, said Women in Transport.

“Each organisation shares our vision for a diverse and inclusive transport sector and is committed to driving positive change,” the organisation added.

“We firmly believe that diversity and equity are not just initiatives; they are the driving forces behind a prosperous and inclusive industry,” commented Sue Terpilowski, Women in Transport lead for the Index.

“The Women in Transport Equity Index survey represents groundbreaking work in diversity, equity and inclusion. We invite all companies to join us in this momentous endeavour and together, we can set a worldwide precedent for equality in the transport sector.”

The Women in Transport Equity Index survey became live and open for registration from 3 July.